Our Key Features

The impulseVen features a flexible smart contract for payment distribution and bill collection based on digital signature dynamics of various accounts and this offers huge potentials to the global market.


No swapping fee

The first Decentralized Exchange where there’s no need to pay fee for any swap


Mobile App

All-in-one wallet where you can trade, store, send, and receive Crypto


AI Bots for Arbitrage

AI Bots to help you do the best arbitrage via smart contract and earn profits no matter when and where you are



Staking to generate a daily passive income for you at our platform



Deposit your cryptocurrencies as collateral and get instant stable-coin loans with minimal interest



Full control over the ecosystem through systematic voting and governance rights for our DAO members holding VEN tokens


About Impulseven

In times to come, Decentralized finance holds a paramount position as the future backbone of the global economy and the need for a trustworthy way to transact with each other is becoming even more important – which is why ImpulseVen was created. ImpulseVen is a Defi project built on Ethereum Block-chain system that creates a new decentralized exchange which allows users to swap tokens. These tokens will be deflationary on every swap made through our exchange. Token Holders can also stake VEN & other tokens to earn staking rewards, which we will bring based on the voting of our community. These rewards can be withdrawn anytime.

In today’s world where all financial transactions go through a centralized custodial service provider because of counter-party risk, ImpulseVen uses a Decentralized exchange that is focused on cross-chain and non-custodial transactions. Assets from both parties help in escrowing through smart contracts and allow the exchange only when all the requirements are met, thus eliminating all the counter party risk. The decentralized exchange is our primary DEFI feature, staking often reflects the compounding value gained by withdrawing tokens through circulation and storing them to raise the percentage profit. Our lending Platform allows borrowers to deposit their crypto-assets as collateral and take stable currencies against them at minimal interest. It would also enable borrowers to collect their secure coins on loans and receive passive interest as a type of VEN token. The impulseVen features a flexible smart contract for payment distribution and bill collection based on digital signature dynamics of various accounts which offers huge potential for the global market.

Token Pre Sale Details

Token will unlock 2% Every hour in a period of 50 Hour

Soft Cap 1000 ETH.Hard Cap 4000 ETH.
Starting time :

Coming Soon

Ending time :

Coming Soon

Uniswap Listing Price

1 ETH=2385 VEN

1000 ETH 4000 ETH Sale Raised Soft-caps
Pre-sale Price :

1 ETH= 2385 VEN

Total tokens Sale in Pre Sale

4,000,000 VEN (40%)

Acceptable Currency :


Token Distribution

  • Uniswap Liquidity
  • License Fee
  • Presale
  • Staking
  • Team
  • Marketing
  • Trading Bonus

Download Mobile App

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Trade,Send, receive, and exchange instantly without any fee.



The use of cryptocurrencies has become more widespread, The origin platform idea. Development of the concept and business plan.